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Section217 Mock Draft w/ Gordy & Valvis

by Chris Gordy & Kurt Valvis

Better late than never, but with just a few hours to go until the 2014 NFL Draft, Gordy & Valvis break down the Section217 Mock Draft. Let’s see how many we get right. For each correct pick, Ben must do Patron shots…

1. Texans select…. Khalil Mack. Might seem like a shocker, but Texans buy into Clowney work-ethic concerns. Mack lined up outside JJ Watt or aside Brian Cushing gives the Texans a stud pass rush.

2. Rams select… Sammy Watkins. It’s a coin flip between Watkins and Greg Robinson, but Watkins can be an elite receiving threat that Sam Bradford has never had in St. Louis.

3. Jaguars select… Johnny Manziel. Very tempted to take Clowney here, but Gus Bradley wants to get his offense going. And he does so with the electrifying Heisman winner to solidify the whitest QB-RB combo with Toby Gerhart.

4. Browns select… Jadeveon Clowney. Not a need, but they aren’t letting the best player in the Draft fall any further than this; besides, Barkevious Mingo wasn’t exactly a stud last year. They could also use him as trade bait.

5. Oakland selects… Greg Robinson. Oakland is synonymous for having bad o-lines, so G Rob helps open holes for the ancient McFadden & Jones-Drew, while blocking for old ass Schaub.

6. Falcons select… Taylor Lewan. Atlanta got excited when Clowney began to fall, but instead they upgrade their O-Line in an attempt to keep Matt “Horse-teeth” Ryan from being sacked 100 times.

7. Bucs select… Mike Evans. They like Jake Matthews, but opt for his Aggie teammate. After trading Mike Williams last month, they need a complement to Vincent Jackson & a weapon for the boring Mike Glennon.

8. Vikings select… Blake Bortles. Minnesota has needed a QB forever, so they grab whichever elite talent is left. His job: don’t screw up the times in between Adrian Peterson hand offs.

9. Bills select… Eric Ebron. Gruden scowls at this pick as it’s a bit of a reach, but the Bills are determined to get EJ Manuel a security blanket. The best tight end in the draft helps out.

10. Lions select… Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Detroit needs to fix it’s secondary, and with so few elite safeties, they select the best of the bunch, and also win the “Most Ridiculous Name Drafted” award. Seriously, that name is clownish.

11. Titans select… Aaron Donald. DC Ray Horton wants a pass rush & that starts with the push up front. Aaron Donald is a stud. They want a QB, but they’ll sit tight for now.

12. Giants select… Jake Matthews. Needs abound for this Giants team, but keeping Eli clean is the highest priority. Not only that, they get the best prospect left on the board.

13. Rams select… Zach Martin. They’re loaded at WR now with Austin, Pettis & Watkins. Time to get the run game going with Stacy/Pead/Richardson. Martin is a solid pick.

14. Bears select… Darqueze Denard. The first corner to come off the board helps a team with no stud corners to speak of. Dennard could slide right in as a starter.

15. Steelers select… Justin Gilbert. The run on cornerbacks begins. William Gay & Ike Taylor are old as hell. Time to get young, & get a guy who will play for the next decade in Pittsburgh.

16. Dallas selects... Calvin Pryor. Cowboys defense was a dumpster fire last year, so they start to rebuild with Louisville’s stud safety. Still, WHY DID THE JAGS HAVE TO TAKE MANZIEL. THIS WAS HIS SPOT, AND THE INTERNET WOULD HAVE BROKE.

17. Baltimore selects… Anthony Barr. Defensive players just seem to flock to the Ravens, & they get a guy who was a consensus top 5 pick just months ago. In other systems, he might struggle, but with the Ravens, Barr will make the Pro Bowl his rookie year.

18. Jets select... Odell Beckham Jr. Thanks to Gordy’s undying love for Anthony Barr (which started early last year), the Jets get exactly who they want. Beckham immediately becomes their go to receiver, and is a leader for ORoY.

19. Dolphins select… Cyrus Koundjio. Miami is pissed, they wanted Zach Martin. So they’ll settle for the Alabama guy who will spend half the year hurt like most of Saban’s players do in the NFL.

20. Cardinals select… Derek Carr. Another of Gordy’s mancrushes comes off the board. Palmer is going to be 35 this year, and he wasn’t great last year. Time to groom a replacement.

21. Packers select… CJ Mosely. Alabama linebackers have fared well in the NFL in recent years. Mosley, Peppers, Hawk & Matthews? Studly line-backing corps.

22. Eagles select… Marqise Lee. He tortured Chip Kelly in the Pac-10, now he’ll help him in the NFL. The gap Desean Jackson left is easily filled.

23. Kansas City Chiefs select … Marqise Lee. KC has struggled to move the ball down the field for years, and outside of Dwayne Bowe, they have no other threats. Though he had a sub-par 2013, Lee was a beast his first 2 yrs at USC. Now they just need Chase Daniel to beat out Alex Smith.

24. Bengals select… Kyle Fuller. The Bengals might have the most talented team in the NFL, but ginger gun-slinger Andy Dalton seems to hold that roster back. While they should take QB here, they give Dalton another year to not prove himself and take Fuller because you always need more corners.

25. Chargers select… Jason Verrett. The cornerback train continues as San Diego nabs the best corner in the draft, problem is he’s 5’9″. Chargers don’t care; they need someone to help cover all those Bronco receivers.

26. Cleveland selects… Teddy Bridgewater. Browns need a QB bad, and after passing on one with their first pick, they nab Bridgewater, who will play with a chip on his shoulder for plummeting down teams Draft boards.

27. Saints select… Dee Ford. Saints tempted to take Brandin Cooks here, but can’t help but get Rob Ryan another defensive weapon. The pick lets Akiem Hicks slide back to NT, while Cam Jordan & Junior Galette continue to get to the QB.

28. Panthers select… Kevin Benjamin. Cam is a freak at QB,  so they get a physical freak at WR to pair with them and fill a major need.

29. Patriots select…Ra’Shede Hageman. Pats love big nose tackles. The 6’6″ 310-pound Golden Gopher could replace Vince Wilfork quickly.

30. 49ers select… Brandin Cooks. One of the deepest teams in the league still needs some more guys to throw to, Cooks gives them a big-play threat and someone who can turn a short pass into a touchdown.

31. Broncos select… Ryan Shazier. Say goodbye to Wesley Woodyard, say hello to Shazier out of Ohio State. This guy just looks like a Bronco. All you need to know.

32. Seahawks select… Morgan Moses. Seattle’s o-line was leaky all season, they needed an upgrade of biblical proportions….

There you have it. In case you were wondering, Gordy had the odd picks, Valvis had the even picks. Enjoy.

How to Survive till Football: NBA Playoffs Edition

By Kurt Valvis

Football season won’t kickoff for another four months. March Madness is over and done with. My favorite TV show Justified just completed it’s 5th season (go watch it from the beginning). What is there left to watch on TV? What will hold me over until the Tigers opener on August 30th?

Luckily, the NBA’s second (and best) season is about to start. Yes, I said it, the playoffs start tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. So much so that I’m posting an article about it for our LSU website, even though there are exactly zero former Tigers on any playoff roster. Well, except for Glenn Davis, who is now terrible. Let’s not talk about him.

Oh dear...

Oh dear…

This whole season, all we heard about the Eastern Conference was it’s Miami, Indiana and everyone else is a dumpster fire. Now that the regular season is over, it doesn’t look that bad, although it doesn’t hold a candle to the bloodbath that is the Western Conference. I could make a semi-compelling argument for almost any team to come out of the West; that’s how loaded that side is. I’ve divided all the playoff teams into different groups to help you get to know them a little better and get you ready to watch:

The “We Made the Playoffs? Hooray?” Group

Atlanta Hawks (38-44), 8th seed in the East

You really won’t need to know this team that well. Their best player, Al Horford, has been out since December, which killed my fantasy team. The team’s own GM said that they weren’t focused on making the playoffs in March. And yet, here they are. They’ve played better as of late and did beat their first round opponent (Indiana) the last time they played, but I wouldn’t get too attached to these guys if I were you.

The Feel Good Stories

Charlotte Bobcats (43-39), 7th seed in the East

Bobcats were perennial bottom feeders who went out and signed big Al Jefferson in the offseason, an offensive monster who many thought was just looking for a payday. Well, not only did Jefferson earn his contract (20+ points and 10 rebounds per game), he also lead them to a 22-win improvement this year. Their reward for the second best record in franchise history? A first-round matchup with the Heat. Jefferson should give Miami some trouble, but unless owner Michael Jordan dresses out and plays like it’s the mid-90s, the Bobcats’ playoff run will be short-lived.

Dallas Mavericks (49-33), 8th seed in the West

After two years of a Dirk-less postseason, the Big German makes his return to the playoffs. The last time we saw him play beyond April was his crowning moment, beating Miami’s Big Three in the NBA Finals. Nowitzki is having another great season, and him along with an improved Monta Ellis could give opposing defenses fits. Sadly, their defense will be giving no one fits. But the combinations of Dirk and a top-notch coach in Rick Carlisle will make the Mavs a tough out.

Washington Wizards (44-38), 5th seed in the East

The Wizards signed John Wall to a big extension this offseason, whose career highlight to that point was having a terribly awesome rap song and dance named after him.

So it was a bit of a gamble. It’s paid off in spades as Wall made the All-Star team and led the Wiz back into the playoffs. With a star like Wall and some good veterans like Nene and… wait, is that… GARRETT TEMPLE IS ON THE ROSTER??!!! We’ve got a Tiger in the playoffs! I’m on the bandwagon now, Geaux Wiz!

The Frisky But Flawed Group

Golden State Warriors (51-31), 6th seed in the West

The Warriors are easily one of the most entertaining teams in the league. They have the Splash Brothers, comprised of offensive savant Steph Curry and the hot-if-not-streaky shooting of Klay Thompson. They have one of the elite defensive stoppers in Andre Iguodala. Hell, even head coach Mark Jackson is entertaining; just wait till you hear some audio from one of their team huddles (although I’m not sure if he’s a good coach yet). And they had a great rim protector in Andrew Bogut… well, until he cracked a rib and found himself out indefinitely. Still, if Curry or Thompson can catch fire, they could put a scare into the Clippers, and if Bogut gets back in the lineup, they’d be down right scary.

Portland Trail Blazers (54-28), 5th seed in the West

Portland was the talk of the first half of the season. LaMarcus Aldridge was an MVP candidate and Damian Lillard was picking up right where he left off last season. This team’s offense was scary good, so good that it covered for their horrendous defense. But eventually their porous D caught up to them, and when the shots stopped falling as much as they did early, Portland looked less and less like a contender as the season progressed. Their offense can still give any opposing teams nightmares, but they need to get some stops if they want Lillard to have anymore late-game heroics (seriously, the dude is a killer at the end of games).

Brooklyn Nets (44-38), 6th seed in the East

The Nets pulled off a blockbuster trade for Paul Pierce, what was left of Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry’s carcass (long live J.E.T.). All they had to give up was any hope for the future beyond this year in the form of sending something like 20 future first-round picks to the rebuilding Celtics. And early in the season, it looked like this was going to be an outright disaster. Pierce and Garnett looked old (because they are), newly retired and new-to-coaching Jason Kidd was firing assistant coaches, staging drink spills all while generally looking overmatched and their max-contract superstar holdover Deron Williams played less like one of the top point guards in the league and more like his haircut, which is to say awful.


Look at those…waves?

Then, their starting center Brook Lopez went down, and that’s when things turned around; they went small, Pierce played power forward and actually started to look good, Shaun Livingston’s knee rose from the dead and played effectively and they went 20-11 post All-Star break. Now there’s talk about them being possible Heat killers (they swept the Heat this season), but they need to get through the Raptors first. And, oh yeah, they have PAUL PIERCE PLAYING THE FOUR. That could be an issue at some point.

Chicago Bulls (48-34), 4th seed in the East

I wanted to put the Bulls as “The Team No One Wants To Play” or as “The Super Sleeper”. Especially after the way this team battled back from losing two of their three best players, one (Derrick Rose) to injury, the other (Luol Deng) to an attempt to tank. Literally, this team traded Deng for Andrew Bynum (read: nothing), with the hope of increasing their lottery chances. But Joakim Noah and head coach Tom Thibodeau would have none of that. This team comes to play every night with their defense and Noah is a triple-double waiting to happen. Their one problem that kept them out of the two groups I listed: Scoring. I mean, they have serious issues putting the ball in the basket. Whoever plays the Bulls is going to hate every game against them, but they just won’t be able to score enough to hang with the big dogs.

The Team I Don’t Know Much About But Like For No Real Reason

Toronto Raptors (48-34), 3rd seed in the East

Seriously, I haven’t seen one second of a Raptors game this season, but from everything I’ve read, I’m excited to watch them. The have a great unknown point guard in Kyle Lowry, who no one seems to like, Terrance Ross can dunk, Jonas Valanciunas can rebound and drink with the best of ‘em and their number one fan is Drake because he’s from Toronto, aka The TO, aka The Big Smoke, aka Hogtown, aka the City That Works. QUICK RANT: Why is Drake suddenly a giant Raps fan? Wasn’t he at the Finals and partying with the Heat last year? And with Kentucky after their win in the Final Four? Is Drake a frontrunner? Is he still dating Rihanna? Did he apologize to Tony Parker about his eye?



The Enigmatic Group

Houston Rockets (54-28), 4th seed in the West

The Rockets have James Harden and Dwight Howard, maybe the two best players at their respective positions. They have one of the best offenses in the league. They have a great system that gives opposing defenses fits, and Harden or Dwight could easily win games by themselves some nights. Still, something isn’t right about this team. Maybe it’s their defense that ranks near the bottom of the league. Maybe it’s their coach, who might not have a job if they can’t get past the first round. Or maybe it’s because I still can’t stand Dwight Howard. Gosh that guy gets on my nerves.

Indiana Pacers (56-26), 1st seed in the East

Look, they’ve been terrible since March. They’re very hard to watch. Their best player, Paul George, has gotten worse as the season goes on. Their offense makes my eyes bleed. Still, I can’t get last year’s playoff battles, and their excellent play from early this year, out of my head. Which team will come to play? God I hope it’s the one that could knock off the Heat.

The Real Contenders

Los Angeles Clippers (57-25), 3rd seed in the West

Lob City is back for their second trip to the playoffs, and they look better than ever. With a real coach in Doc Rivers, this team has really taken off. Blake Griffin has taken his game up a notch from high-flying dunker to a top-five player in the league. DeAndre Jordan is being compared to Bill Russell (well, at least by his coach). And Chris Paul is still doing Chris Paul things.

Now all they have to do is make it out the second round, which neither of those three has ever done. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if they made it out the West after this season of marked improvement.

Oklahoma City Thunder (59-23), 2nd seed in the West

Anyone who knows me knows I love the Thunder, mostly because of Kevin Durant. He’s coming off his best season, one which should earn him his MVP. Russell Westbrook has returned from injury and looks like his old insane self, and the rest of the Thunder supporting cast looks better than they did this time last year. Everything seems to be going Durant’s way this year, but he probably won’t like it if it doesn’t end with Finals win (hopefully against the Heat. PLEASE, BASKETBALL GODS, LET THIS MATCHUP HAPPEN).

We need this to happen.

We need this to happen.

San Antonio Spurs (62-20), 1st seed in the West

I don’t remember life without the Spurs in the playoffs, but I certainly didn’t expect them to return as the first overall seed. Not after the way last season ended. Hell, it hurt me to see that happen, and I’m not a Spurs guy. But with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard and the best coach in the game in Gregg Popovich, this team just keeps putting up big win totals and making deep playoff runs. I expect nothing less than the Western Conference Finals from them this year. ANOTHER RANT: Those who still say the Spurs are boring (there are still some), stop it. They haven’t been for almost five years now. Seriously, watch them play, it’s awesome.

The Defending Champs

Miami Heat (54-28), 2nd seed in the East

They have LeBron. The other teams don’t. He’s that good. I don’t care what they did in the regular season, or that they went 3-6 in April; as long as LeBron is still standing, they are the favorites. Now, this might be the weakest Heat team we’ve seen since they got together, so there is cause for concern. But this Big Three knows nothing less than making the Finals. If Wade can stay healthy, they should be there at the end.

Now that I’ve got you covered with the teams, here are some people to follow on Twitter who can further your knowledge or are just entertaining as hell during games.

J.A. Adande (@jadande) is always watching games and giving his insight. Same goes for Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA) who writes over at Grantland. For guys with a more local point of view, follow Mason Ginsberg (@MasonGinsberg) and Jake Madison (@NOLAJake) or anyone over at Bourbon Street Shots. Hopefully I’ll be watching some games with them and downing some Bud Light Platinums at Bruno’s. Oh, and follow me if you’d like at @onlyonevalvis.

Hopefully this got you excited for the playoffs. If not, hopefully football season will hurry it’s ass up.

It’s Never Too Early to Look Ahead: 2015 Recruiting Preview

Special to Section 217 - Frank “Cousin Frank” Scandurro

National Signing Day has come and gone and Les Miles and Tiger Nation gained some great recruits in addition to losing some major in-state prospects to rivals and fellow SEC teams (A&M has to beat us for it to be a rivalry). But no need to harp on this year’s class anymore. I am determined to give you better. That’s why we are giving you a first look at the 2015 recruiting class. Sure, nothing is permanent until ink touches paper but I believe that, only a couple weeks into the 2015 recruiting season, the Fighting Tigers are already raking in talent.

Let’s start with a quick recap of the 2014 class. The Tigers’ main signings were the #1 RB in Leonard Fournette, the #1 WR in Malachi Dupre, the #2 QB in Brandon Harris, the #2 ILB in Clifton Garrett and the #2 S in Jamal Adams. These additions filled many holes that the Tigers had coming into the 2014 season with the losses of Jeremy Hill, Odell Beckham, Zach “How I Mettenberger Your Mother”, Craig Loston and Jarvis “I Catch Everything on 3rd Down” Landry.

Kevin Toliver II

Kevin Toliver looks like an angry version of his older brother…which is a good thing.

Now, heading into the 2014-2015 LSU season, the Tigers are looking at losing the likes of La’el Collins, Travis Dickson, Kenny Hilliard, Connor Neighbors, Ronald Martin, Terrence Magee, Tre’ Sullivan and Jermauria Rasco…and folks…that’s just the seniors. Other possible departures could come in the form of juniors Jalen Mills, Christian Pittman, Kwon Alexander, Jalen Collins and Deion Jones just to name a few. That right there is 13 household names in addition to another 34 players who are in their junior or senior years. Thats a lot of talent to lose in a matter of two seasons.

With all that being said, the class of 2015 is already shaping up to be a very good one and we are still 45 weeks away from signing day. LSU has already received verbal commitments from: (Please be aware that all recruits are still labeled no higher than four stars due to them not yet starting their senior year of high school.)

CB Kevin Toliver II – Brother of Terrence Toliver and #3 overall player in the country. Ranked and projected higher than the likes of Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu, Eric Reid, Morris Claiborne, Danny McCray and Chad Jones. We all can agree that every one of these players makes DBU…well… DBU. If he lives up to the hype, we will have at least three years of dominance in the defensive backfield again.

RB Nick Brossette – This is what ESPN says about Brossette - STRENGTHS: Physically impressive back who is a man among boys at times on film. Possesses good strength in his lower body and frame appears to be able to support additional weight and strength that could make him a dominant load back at the college level. A physical, decisive runner who will get downhill and push the pile for bonus yards. Very difficult to knock off his feet and gains good yards after contact while wearing down a defense. AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: Not the most elusive of backs and is a bit straight-lined. Prefers to run over defenders as opposed to making them miss. Tends to run a bit high at times while lacking the speed to get to the edge and be a legit home-run threat. Not caught from behind often but also doesn’t show the long speed to outrun second level angles. BOTTOM LINE: Brossette looks and runs like he is ready to make the college jump. Projects best in a downhill running scheme. Will continue to improve his stock at the next level by increasing overall speed and elusiveness. (Source: ESPN)

OG Maea Teuhema (Say that 3 times fast) – A 6’5’’, 348 pound man-beast, many believe he is a man among boys and is a guaranteed 5-star rated player. He is the brother of 3-star DE Sione who was a 2014 signing.

WR Jazz Ferguson – A 6’5’’ A.J. Green like build,  he’s not as experienced as A.J. was when he first came to Georgia, but if you watch Jazz’s videos, you can see flashes of brilliance. Together with Dupre and Quinn, the WR corps could be very well set for years.

S Kevin Henry – I know it seems like every season we have three safeties commit, but that’s the beauty of being DBU. This Baton Rouge native is 6’1’’ and has a great knack for run stopping, which as we all know is huge in the SEC.

File:Isaiah (Bible Card).jpg

Isaiah Washington is rumored to be the best Isaiah since this guy…

DE Isaiah Washington – At 6’4’’, 245 pounds Washington has the ability to shoot off the line and has a quick first step (think Mingo just bigger). Trust me, this kid will be a great DE/OLB hybrid.

DE Hanner Shipley – At 6’5’’, 275 pounds Hanner is a deceiving run-stopping DE, who can also get to the QB if needed.

RB David Ducre – This guy reminds me of Quinn Johnson when I watch him on film. A lead-blocking machine.

LSU is, in total, being considered by 30+ 4-star “ESPN Top 300″ and UA All-American players. Les Miles and his staff have proven that no matter what happens during the season and recruitment period, they can always replace talent with talent. I have no doubt that the 2015 class will continue to build on the success and tradition of the classes that have come before it.


I would like to send a special thanks to the entire Section 217 staff for the chance to be able to write about something I love. Here’s hoping that the rest of you guys enjoyed the article as much as I enjoyed writing it and that your purple and gold veins are pumping with the fast approach of the spring game!

First-Annual Pre-PONGS Party



Section 217, in conjunction with Dope Skeeza Productions and SHABAZZ Entertainment, is proud to announce the first annual Pre-PONGS Party. Hide ya’ Beads, Hide ya’ Wife.

The Party On the Neutral Ground Side gets started earlier than usual this year with a pre-game Mardi Gras event that will rival ALL OTHER pre-game Mardi Gras events. Gurl, you know it’s true. We’re talkin’ chicks, dicks and a whole bag of chips. Zapp’s, brah. And you KNOW we talkin’ ’bout Cajun Crawtaters, son!!!

Friday, February 28 the shit pops off on Canal and Carrollton (ova by Wit’s Inn and dat Walgreens – look for that flag, yo) at whatever the hell time you want to stop being a loser and do the damn thing. So, like 7ish.

We’ll be out there no matter the weather, so don’t even THINK about blaming it on the rain.

Drinks provided by you when you bring them. Entertainment provided by Ben “Gay Bar” Hughes. Spot holding-down provided by Brett “Volume” Johnson, Paul “Flozell” Loisel and Kurt “The Valvis” Valvis.


Section 217′s Pre-PONGS Sleepover Spectacular

 WHO: We already told you like twice
THE FUCK: The Party BEFORE the Party at The Spot
IS THAT: Dem Dudes

RVSP to: #PONGS @section217


And remember, what happens at PONGS…immediately goes on social media.

Limos by A-Confidential. Please dance responsibly.



The Road is No Place for a Tiger

Special to 217 – by Michael Sison

LSU basketball has had quite the journey since the last time we met. Since then, the Tigers have beaten three “tournament level” teams and won four of six. The problem? Well it’s two-fold. First, the two losses came against teams with a 100+ RPI rating. Furthermore, the four wins were in the cozy confines of the PMAC, while the two losses were on the road. I’m reminded of a quote by Buddha when thinking of LSU’s road woes, “There are only two mistakes one can make on the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” Well it’s become pretty obvious that LSU has a tough time getting off to a good start, being down by 19 at some points in the first half to both teams they lost to. As for the not going all the way part, LSU fought their way back into contention of both, only to sputter again and lose close. Put simply, two road wins all season is not acceptable for a team that A) has NCAA aspirations, and B) plays so damn well at home!

Who’s Hot:

Johnny O’Bryant III – The clear leader of this team; LSU basketball seems to go as he goes. In the most recent losses, JOB3 found himself in early foul trouble, and the team found themselves in deep holes.

Jordan Mickey – At what point does consistency become hot? At this point; in fact, it should be at any point. The dude simply goes out and hits his averages (14 points, 8 boards, 3.5 blocks) every single night. This guy is special.

Who’s Not:

The Refs – not to say that anyone in the SEC is playing favorites, but I’ve found myself feeling like we don’t get the same treatment on the road as we do at home. JOB3 has been the class of this league, and he gets absolutely zero Michael Jordan treatment. Touch foul after touch foul in the Georgia game left me wondering if they were playing that guy at the REC that screams, “FOUL! Check ball” every time he misses a shot. To be totally fair and prove that I am not biased, I am fully aware that a few teams have had some unfortunate calls go against them when playing us at home.

I guess things don’t change much between LSU football and basketball…no love

How will LSU get into the NCAA Tournament?

We know they can play; there is no doubt about that. But as I said before, if you want to make the NCAA tournament, you have to beat every team you are better than, and you have to do it on the road. If LSU wants to go dancing, they’ll have to win three of their next five road games and the remaining two at home. I’d say that this is a tough task considering they have to play Arkansas, Kentucky and Florida on the road, but this team can’t beat anyone on the road, so they’re all tough tasks.

Why won’t LSU get into the NCAA Tournament?

Moxy. You punch this team in the gut in your place, and they’ll lie down like a bunch of intramural ballers playing against a team full of D-1 athletes. LSU simply has to do better at dealing with the lumps that are going to come on the road.

Prediction: Unless they finish the regular season with nine losses, LSU likely won’t be playing in the tournament of their choosing. At this point, I predict they will make the NIT unless they have some kind of magical run in the SEC tournament. And while you won’t be able to pick them as a Cinderella in your March Madness bracket, this team has everything it takes to win the NIT, and that’s a step in the right direction for Johnny Jones and this program.

Next Game: Tonight at Texas A&M • 8 p.m. • CST/ESPN3

Side Note: Ben Simmons is still a beast. You can find his latest mixtape here.

Other Side Note: Malik Morgan went down in the Tigers’ last game. We’ll miss this guy and pray for a speedy recovery!


1. Florida 22-2 (11-0)
2. Kentucky 18-5 (8-2)
3. Ole Miss 16-8 (7-4)
4. LSU 15-7 (6-4)
5. Tennessee 15-9 (6-5)
6. Missouri 16-7 (4-6)
7. Arkansas 15-8 (4-6)
8. Georgia 12-10 (6-4)
9. Vanderbilt 13-9 (5-5)
10. Texas A&M 13-10 (4-6)
11. Alabama 10-14 (4-7)
12. Miss State 13-10 (3-7)
13. Auburn 11-10 (3-7)
14. South Carolina 8-15 (1-9)

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